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25% Lifetime Recurring Commission
2% Orders Amount Commission

Not just a one-time commission, but an annual income

Get 2% of the revenue of every single deal generated by users who register through your affiliate link for an entire year

Notify us about your referral to a dropshipper.

Earn 2% commission on referral orders that’s $4 for you when your friend spends $200.

What can you earn monthly with our plan?

Start our monthly $79.98 plan and earn $20 per month.

Refer a friend:

You could earn $1,460 + $240= $1745 dollars per year when you make a referral to a dropshipper.

Refer 100 dropshippers and earn…

you will earn about $174500 dollars per year.

Comparison between Aliexpress affiliate and ScaleOrder affiliate

Commission rate

Commission cap

Cookie duration

Payout threshold

Commission withdrawn fee

Payment options

Business Type

Affiliate type

2%, the commission calculation also includes the shipping price, once your referred user buys in ScaleOrder, you can earn commission on all their orders.

No commission cap, the more referred users buy, the more you earn.

365 days

No payment threshold

According to the PayPal/Payoneer fee rate

PayPal/Payoneer/ScaleOrder wallet

Dropshipping, Wholesale

Brand/ Product affiliate

From 3% to 9%, the average rate is considered to be 4%.

$50, even if someone buys a product worth more than thousands of dollars, you will not be able to earn a commission of more than $50.

30 days


Fixed $15

Bank account


Product affiliate

How referrals works

Success Stories

Moira Bell

Number of Referrals: $1,385,856

Number of Referrals: 1658

"Amazing app!! If you do dropshipping use this ASAP!! Shipping is fast! And the support are very good!"

Robert Taylor

Number of Referrals: 566

Number of Referrals: $631,735

" The best drop shipping supplier out there! Fast shipping with amazing service. 100% recommend! They are constantly improving their feautures too! "

John Smith

Number of Referrals: 788

Total Order Amount: $810,631

"ScaleOrder is the best private dropshipping supplier that we have ever used. They are always able to offer the best price and the quickest shipping times for our customers. "

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1. What is ScaleOrder?

ScaleOrder is an all-in-one leading dropshipping company

Over 1 million monthly orders

Own supply chain with more than 200K products

Own global logistics solution: ScaleOrder (1 week faster than our competitors on average)

Well integrated with Shopify, WooCommerce, and other major marketplaces

Offering POD, free sourcing, video shooting, and other dropshipping-related services

For more information, please visit:

2. How to join ScaleOrder Affiliate Program?

ScaleOrder Affiliate Program is free to join, we do not charge anything from you. To get started, simply register an affiliate account

and then you will receive a unique affiliate link which will be generating money for you even when you sleep.

ScaleOrder is an all-in-one leading dropshipping company

3. How does the commission work? How and when to receive?

1.Commission = (Amount of Total Orders - Amount of Disputed Orders) x 2%

Total Orders includes both dropshipping orders and wholesale orders.

Shipping fee will also be included.

Disputes happen when the payment is not received by ScaleOrder when a deal closes.

2.We track orders from a user who comes from your link for an entire year, and pay the commission accordingly. The day that the user places his first order will be considered as day 1, meaning that we don’t start the countdown until an order has been placed by this specific user.

3.You may start withdrawing your commission once you convert at least 10 leads, meaning 10 customers who have placed orders from ScaleOrder.

4.You may withdraw daily. Your commission will be updated at 0:00 (UTC+8) every day including the addition from new orders and subtraction from previous disputed orders.

5.You will receive your commission by PayPal, Payoneer, or ScaleOrder Wallet in 1-3 working days after you click the Withdraw button.

4. How to monitor my leads and commission?

Once you have your affiliate account, you will be able to monitor your leads and commission on the dashboard in the system.

5. Are there any limitations?

1.We will not be able to track the registrations which don’t go through your affiliate link.

2.The purpose of ScaleOrder Affiliate Program is to generate more effective users. Therefore you may not refer your affiliate link to your own ScaleOrder account in order to get a 2% discount, if we detect any related anomalies, we might freeze your account.

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